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Apex Legends is one of the most versatile Battle Royale Games out there. The game has now progressed really far, and now with the release of Season 5. Before we begin, I wanted to clarify that Apex Legends itself does not have a lot of settings to work with. These settings include the game mode, notification settings, startup applications, graphic settings, enabling ultimate performance, and most Importantly disabling all the useless applications.

Make sure your System Specifications are on par or above the minimum system requirements of Apex Legends. Game Mode is a built-in feature within Windows 10 that is completely gaming oriented. Make sure, you are taking all its perks.

Here is how you can enable Game Mode. Therefore, you experience lag and low frames. When Enabled, Windows 10 removes the power threshold and allows the PC to consume as much as it wants. We are certainly going to need it for Apex Legends. You can now Select Ultimate Performance, and close the window. Experience some crazily fast speeds from now on. Disabling Useless Animations to Increase Performance and Responsiveness Like I previously said, Windows 10 by default is packed with a really balanced eco-system.

Now if you want really the best out of your PC. You have to ensure that some of these settings are disabled. Subsequently, we are going to disable all those useless animations that consume tons of memory and CPU usage. When disabled, expect good frames and high performance in Apex Legends. These files compile into a huge chunk and can take a lot of space.

Other than this, they also impact your performance, because they are leftover from a lot of things you delete. Disk Cleanup is clearing out the leftover infected files and much more that can have a negative impact on your Drive.

Here is how you can clear temp files and perform a disk cleanup. One of the biggest factors that highly impact your performance is all the useless applications and services running in the background. These applications and settings usually startup with your PC, and they consistently squeeze dozens of power from your PC.

We can easily disable them by the following steps. Well, good job on making all the changes above. If you have followed the steps properly, I can guarantee that you will already be seeing a massive improvement in Apex Legends. Not only that, but you will also experience a very smooth and responsive Windows 10 from now on.

Windows 10 also allows you to change the performance preference for certain applications or games. When you set their Performance to High in the Graphics Settings. The Game is then allowed to cross the Usage barrier and can get the most of the Graphics Card. Here is how you can do it. Once again, this feature will allow Apex Legends to get the most out of your CPU, thus increasing performance.

Follow the steps below. On top of that, the frames will be very consistent and gameplay will be buttery smooth. If you are a competitive gamer, this feature is completely useless. It does it in such a manner that you do not notice, but it has a big hand behind inconsistency in the game.

You can assume this feature is stealing frames from your game. The last change we are going to make in section 2, is that we will disable Full-Screen Optimization and Override DPI settings for r5apex.

To ensure that you are getting high frames and the Best Performance in Apex Legends. We must configure its advanced Settings from Nvidia Control Panel. These Settings are normally not found within the game, and many people completely ignore it. Changing these settings for Apex Legends application will have a larger effect than any other method in this guide. Pay close attention to all settings, and check them twice while you are it.

Before you go on to make all the changes. Make sure your drivers are updated to the latest version. Like Steam, Origin also allows you to enter advanced launch options that are meant to tweak your graphics. We are going to take advantage of this feature by using certain commands, that will further optimize Apex Legends, and get us the Max Possible Frames. Here is the code first. So firstly the -refresh command will ensure the game is utilizing the refresh rate value of your monitor.

Make sure, you are entering the right refresh rate value. I have got an XG from Viewsonic, and its refresh rate is The -dev command as many people on forums has noticed.

It actually enables the Source Engine of Apex Legends. According to many people, this command has significantly improved performance. The -preload has a remarkable function because it preloads certain game assets. This slightly improves loading times and many users have seen a significant increase in overall stability.

Make sure you are entering the correct number of threads available in the value. For my 4 Core Processor, there are 8 threads. The -fullscreen command is more like a high priority. When enabled, you will see more consistent frames and better responsiveness. If you hate to minimize the game, simply skip on this command. Likewise, if you are struggling with windowed and half screen bugs, enable it.

Now that you know what are the functions of these launch options. The final and most important step is to configure Apex Legends in-game settings. If configured properly, these settings can do wonders for you and you can really expect some incredible performance. My settings are entirely aimed at those who want to have excellent frames and stable performance.

By the way, all the changes we made above in Graphics Card Settings are perfectly going to work with these. Here is how you can make these changes. So you might be thinking, why I set everything Low and Mostly Disabled? Once you see the max frames, and there is room for some tweaks.

This will benefit you with better visuals, and the balance of Frames and Graphics will be fantastic. If your frames are inconsistent and you cannot play the game smoothly. There is no way you can win games, and get better at it. Secondly, players who are using gaming monitors like me should always be aware that gaming monitors with high refresh rates are kind of useless.

Knowing these two things, you can configure settings according to your needs. Because these are tested by many players and they are literally the best. Not only will you get good frames, consistent performance, stability, but you will also experience very sharp and smooth graphics. Lastly, Windows 10 experience is now going to be flawless. Related Articles. Aceu Apex Legends Settings August. Close Search for.


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