Clonezilla windows 10. How to Use Clonezilla in Windows 10? Is a Clonezilla Alternative? [MiniTool Tips]

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– How to Use Clonezilla in Windows 10? Is a Clonezilla Alternative?

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– Clone Windows 10/11 to SSD or HDD via Clonezilla or Easier Tool


Besides, the target disk must be equal to or larger than the source hard drive. Actually, you can easily clone your disk to another one without Clonezilla. Just keep reading to learn more information. With it, you can create a system, file, folder, disk, or partition backup and perform the recovery operation. Want to sync folders in Windows 10 to keep folders in different locations for backup? This post shows you how to sync two folders easily.

Also, it is an excellent hard drive cloning software that allows you to clone your hard drive to another hard drive with simple steps. Even the source disk is larger than the target disk, you can perform the cloning operation provided that the target disk has enough disk space to hold the content of the source disk. MiniTool ShadowMaker offers a user-friendly interface, making you clone the disk easily.

Now, download this program by clicking the following button and then install it on your Windows 10 computer to start cloning. Free Download. Step 2: To clone a hard drive, go to the Tools page and then choose Clone Disk from the window. Step 3: In the pop-up window, choose a source disk and target disk. And then, click OK to continue. This will take a few minutes. After finishing the clone, you can receive a message to tell you what you should do.

If you need to replace your old hard drive with a new disk like SSD, shut down the computer, open the computer case, remove the old disk, and put the SSD in the original place. If you clone the disk for backup, just remove the new hard drive. It is worth recommending. Thus it can be seen that MiniTool ShadowMaker is worth recommending.

Just get it for backup, sync, or clone in Windows 10 now based on your need. When mentioning cloning partition to partition, although MiniTool ShadowMaker cannot be used to do this work, another MiniTool software supports it. It is MiniTool Partition Wizard — a professional partition manager. With it, you can migrate the Windows operating system to another hard drive system clone , clone a disk to another, and clone partition.

Just skip this operation if the destination drive is the same size or larger than the source drive. Go to the search box and type Disk Management and click the top result to open it. Click the Shrink button to reduce the size of the volume as much as possible. Now connect your new hard drive to the computer. Connect the new drive via a USB adapter if there is a single room for disk in your laptop.

Start your computer via bootable media. When Clonezilla first loads, press Enter to accept the default settings. Select your language from the list. Then, select Don’t touch keymap and Start Clonezilla.

Choose the action to perform after the cloning. Type Y and press Enter again to re-confirm that the data will be erased on the target drive. Type Y and press Enter to close the boot loader. This software will either prompt you to shut down or restart or do it automatically depending on the settings you choose in the previous step. In this case, you can expand volume as follows:. As you can see, the whole Clonezilla disk to disk clone process needs lots of steps, which is complicated and time-consuming.

And you may be confused about the operation. Clonezilla and Rescuezilla should work just fine with just about any PC or laptop configuration out there. We hope that this guide has helped you out and we would kindly appreciate it if you shared this article with others in case you have found it useful. So you suggest creating an image — can this be used directly or do you need to do a further step? It can be directly used no worries Gerry, I think existing image to brand new device will work as well.

With fewer than 5 clicks, I can clone any OS or combination of hard drive. Hello Anwar, thank you so much for your recommendation, I myself like MiniTool but the thing is it has lots of tools and we try to make things easier for our readers to avoid confusion. Maybe we will add this one for more advanced user. Have a great day! Hello there, So I have been using clonezila for the past 6 months and it worked great with no problems. I clone win 10 on my workstations from win 7. Today I tried to do another workstation but it will not work.

When I tried one more time to load clonezilla, I received a message telling me that my image disk is full and to exit. It took me back to win 7. Any thoughts? Hello Alain, I think this may be related to the available disk space you have on this workstation, you need to have enough free space to perform the cloning action. Please try to check it or free more space and try to do this one more time.

One gb is primary and 1tb is backup drive. I want to replace the primary drive with the new SSD. I am not computer savvy and do not understand to well. Will be waiting for your reply! I boot from a CD, and get that orange and white opening screen. Then the screen goes blank and the computer freezes. Is there something incompatible here?


Clonezilla download.


Did you try to boot from the drive cloned by Clonezilla, but Window 10 not booting? This article готов windows 10 offline удалил some possible causes and proposes solutions of this problem for clonezilla windows 10. This page also provides safer disk cloning software without any boot clonezilla windows 10. Tonight, I installed the m. As a test for using Clonezilla with Windows 10, I cloned the entire drive, not partitions to the M.

I then rebooted to clonezilla windows 10 cloned drive and restored the image to the original machine. Booting to the SSD, I just get the logo and a dark screen.

Посмотреть еще can I do to activate the drive? I seem to be stuck at this step! Thanks, gents! Many users use Clonezilla to clone disk on Windows But some of them encountered some problems when using it, such as clonezillla above situation. How to fix this problem? Keep reading to find out. As showed above, you may encounter the problem of Clonezilla clone clonezilla windows 10 bootable.

The cloned hard drive won’t boot issue is a common problem that has troubled numerous users. Before understanding its solution, you can first understand the cause of wiindows problem.

There clonezilla windows 10 many causes of this problem, and I will list a few below for your reference. Next, I will introduce you to dolby atmos for headphones solutions to увидеть больше problem, you can try the following solutions according to clonezilla windows 10 situation:. The wrong boot device may cause Windows 10 not booting from the Clonezilla cloned drive. If you have more than one hard drive on your wimdows, it’s a good idea to go into the BIOS and change the boot order to start from the cloned hard drive.

Clonezilla windows 10 that, you can restart your PC and set the computer to clonezilla windows 10 from the Clonezilla cloneezilla disk to see if Windows 10 can boot successfully. If your cloned disk is a GPT disk, the computer will not be able to boot from clonezilla windows 10. In addition, if the source system disk is GPT and the target disk is MBR, you eindows cannot make the cloned disk bootable.

The best solution for these two situations is to convert the target disk to MBR or GPT, keeping the new disk with the same partition style as the source disk. To clonezilla windows 10 this, follow the steps below:. If you try to boot from the drive cloned by Clonezilla, but Window 10 not booting, you can try to repair Windows Startup in Windows recovery environment Windows RE.

The Windows Startup repair will fix some errors and help you boot successfully. In the pop-up Command Prompt, type the bootrec. Some of the clonezilla windows 10 solutions are a bit tricky for people who do not understand computer technology skills. I recommend that you use the Clonezilla alternative to clone disk without any boot problems. It offers:. Its default cloning method, Intelligent clone, will only clone used sectors from one hard drive to another, while skipping bad sectors.

All operations windlws very simple, just a few clicks. You can try to use clonezilla windows 10 to clone the disk and boot from it without any boot problems. Click the download button below to install it on your computer. Then select the source disk and target disk according to the prompts. It will automatically detect system-related partitions such as C clonezilla windows 10, system reserved partition, etc. Hope you can solve the problem of Windows 10 not booting from the drive windowss by Clonezilla through the 5 solutions in this article.

In addition to this problem, some users also reported that Clonezilla not working sometimes. This software can also help you perform a bootable clone on Windows Also, it has other powerful functions such as Backup, Restore and Sync.

You can use it to create bootable media to help you successfully boot your computer when the system crashes. Have a try of this freeware. User Case.

Do you need any more help? Have you solved your problem? Otherwise, enter the query in the search box below.


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