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Custom Resolution Utility is a small freeware utility which can tweak your NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards to create higher resolutions. Custom Resolution Utility – CRU allows custom resolutions to be defined for both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA GPUs by creating EDID overrides directly.


Custom Resolution Utility – Download – Case 2. Set a Custom Resolution Windows 10 Based on AMD Graphics Card


Login — Register. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. CRU shows you how the monitor defines resolutions and other capabilities and gives you the power to change it. Add cusfom resolutions, custom resolution utility windows 10 unwanted resolutions, edit FreeSync ranges, and more. Download: cru I would like to continue providing updates and work on /7677.txt ideas, but I need your посмотреть больше. Before making any changes, familiarize yourself with getting into uttility mode using a recovery drive in case you can’t see the screen.

If you don’t have a recovery drive, press and hold the power button to shut off the computer resolugion Windows is booting. A UAC prompt may appear because it needs permission to access the registry.

Choose a display from the drop-down list. Edit the configuration as desired. Please read the sections below for utilitty information. Repeat steps for other displays if required.

The “Copy” and “Paste” buttons at the top can be used to copy the resolutions, extension blocks, and range limits if included. It will not copy the name or serial number, but it will copy the inclusion of these items using the custom resolution utility windows 10 own information.

Click custoj to save the changes. Run restart. If the display does not return after 15 seconds, press F8 for recovery mode. This will temporarily unload all the EDID overrides without deleting them. Restart the driver again to reload any changes. On some systems, the graphics driver might crash while restarting. If that happens, the winddows might be disabled after rebooting. Simply run restart. Set the resolution in the Windows display settings. To reset all displays, run reset-all.

This can be done in safe mode if necessary. Then run the. Detailed resolutions: Detailed resolutions are the preferred way to add custom resolutions. More detailed resolutions can be added tesolution extension blocks. The first detailed resolution is considered the preferred or native resolution.

At least one detailed resolution should exist custom resolution utility windows 10 define the native resolution. All other resolutions can be removed if they are not needed. The graphics driver will automatically add some common utiliy resolutions as scaled resolutions. CRU adds monitor resolutions, not scaled resolutions. Lower resolutions can be scaled file for windows 10 to the native resolution by enabling GPU scaling in the graphics driver’s control panel, but higher resolutions won’t be scaled down by the GPU.

Higher resolutions will only work if the monitor can handle them. Laptop displays usually don’t have scalers and can’t display non-native resolutions without GPU scaling. To add other refresh rates, add the refresh rate at the native resolution. The graphics driver will automatically urility the refresh rate to lower scaled resolutions.

Chstom detailed resolutions are limited to x and If a value turns redthat means it’s invalid or out of limits. Use a Жмите сюда extension block to add resolutions with higher limits. Use the timing options to help fill in the values: Manual – Allows the timing parameters to be set manually. The dialog will always open in this mode. This may help when trying other refresh rates. Exact – Uses non-standard timing parameters to produce exact integer refresh rates.

Exact reduced – Adjusts the “Exact” timing parameters to reduce the pixel clock if possible. This may help when trying higher refresh rates. Reduces the blanking compared with CVT.

HDMI 2. Make sure it’s enabled and set to MHz. Do not add the native resolution as a standard resolution. Other resolutions will be ignored by the driver.

These /25613.txt be listed in gray. Additional resolutions will use up resolutjon resolution slots. Standard resolutions are reso,ution to certain aspect ratios:, Use detailed resolutions for other aspect ratios. The horizontal resolution is limited to and must be a multiple of 8. Use detailed resolutions for other resolutions. The refresh rate is limited to Hz. Use detailed resolutions for other refresh rates.

Use DisplayID to add resolutions greater than resolutiion or DisplayID 2. Default extension blocks are placeholders for utiloty monitor’s original extension blocks. Extension blocks that can’t be read will appear as default extension blocks. Note: NVIDIA does по ссылке support default extension blocks and will ignore all changes if a default extension block exists. NVIDIA also does not support default extension blocks, so delete any default extension blocks and add one manually if needed.

The second extension block is usually a Resoluiton extension block with detailed resolutions greater than If you need to add an extension block manually, importing one of custom resolution utility windows 10 files will provide a starting point: hdmi. For HDMI 2. Export formats:. Command-line options: Exported. Custom resolution utility windows 10 values can still be reduced if necessary. Skype is known to trigger this problem.

Changes in windowe. The main difference is how they handle cusrom greater than x 60 Custom resolution utility windows 10 and resolutions. Try “Exact reduced” for an alternative. Use “CVT standard” for the old behavior. Added “Exact” and “Exact reduced” to calculate exact integer refresh rates.

Added support for tiled display topology data blocks. Newer versions fix problems and add features. Please report any issues with custom resolution utility windows 10 versions that did not exist with older versions.

Make sure to run reset-all. Post: 2. Thank you for making this application, it is very handful! I used it in win7 without problems, but i just upgraded to win8, and your application doesn’t work there. I can add custom resolutions custom resolution utility windows 10 everything, but in windows 8 they doesn’t appear. What do you suggest? Post: 3.

It should work. Custom resolution utility windows 10 are using it with Windows 8. What video card and продолжение здесь are you using? Post: 4. Cusgom worked fine on windows 7. In the list, where i have to choose the monitor, there my monitor appears three times.

Is rdsolution possible, i choosed the wrong one? Post: 5. It’s possible you’re editing the wrong one.


– How To Set a Custom in Resolution Windows 10

Custom Resolution Utility, or CRU, is a free EDID editor that lets you work on the software aspects of your computer’s hardware to change the. Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) allows custom resolutions to be defined for both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA GPUs by creating EDID overrides directly in the registry. How to Set Custom Resolution in Windows 10 With Intel Graphics · Right-click on your desktop and select “Intel Graphics Settings”. · For simple.

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