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Thank you for posting in Community, we understand your concern and we will try our best to help you resolve the issue. I’m being shown an impressive FMV sequence created for the game by a French computer animation company previously responsible for some of the eye-popping ‘sky traffic’ scenes in The Fifth Element the movie, not the game, dum-dum. Gold is obtained primarily by digging gold and gem seams, the latter providing an unlimited supply.

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Was this reply helpful? Yes Dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. I have more details on DRM Blocking in my post at this thread There is a small chance game may use a 16bit installer, in which case there is dnugeon hope, unless someone on a DK2 a fan site has.

You could try copying all of the files from the CD to a folder you create on your Desktop windws location you bit itunes windows 10 64 and then run the games. You can delete this folder once the game is installed or fails to install. Dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 the game from Good Old Games. It will have had any issues fixed, and the DRM has been removed so. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Kayless Mac. I have frer all the fixes listed in this thread. No matter what I do I receive the following “The application was unable to start correctly. Error 0xc Any input would be appreciated. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 9. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Mark St Independent Advisor.

Hello Kayless, The game is very old. Unfortunately old games usually are not working dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 Windows 10, if they were not adapted for it. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. There is a small chance game may use a 16bit installer, in which case there is no hope, unless someone on перейти DK2 a fan site has created a 32bit installer.

You could try copying all of the files from the CD to a folder you create on your Desktop or location you prefer and then run the games Setup from that folder. This dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 help with some games that don’t install from the disc. This site in other languages x.


Dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 –


I downloaded a torrent of this game and it was working fine but then it started glitching at a certain level it would just crash…. Click OK to close the application. So the game seems to run fine for me, but for some reason the cursor moves at a glacial pace within the levels though it works fine on the main menu. Do I simply need to download additional software to fix that, or what? Game works fine on Windows I also set compatibility mode to Windows 7 and under admin privileges but maybe it would work without those settings.

Everything going great apart from the game crashing randomly. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Happens around level 6ish. Also wondering if the patch needs to be installed or any other files need to be in certain folders for the game to run properly?

Hey, thank for this… freaking legend. Any fix for this… I have Windows 10! You must be aware that this game got social media followers. Next Post. You might also like. Baron PC Free Download. All Rights Reserved. Go to mobile version. Gold is obtained primarily by digging gold and gem seams, the latter providing an unlimited supply. This is performed by the Imps, the main workforce of the dungeon, who dig and claim tiles for the player to control.

Another main task Imps perform is the fortification of walls adjacent to tiles owned by the player, although this no longer makes them impenetrable to enemies, but merely makes digging take longer. These have the same purpose as the first game: they function as a resting place, feeding place, training area, research area, and gold storage area respectively. The only major difference is that the Training Room can only train creatures up to experience level four.

Further experience can only be gained through real combat, such as fighting in the new Combat Pit, where creatures fight against one another. The higher a creature’s experience level, the stronger and more powerful they become. The highest experience level is level ten, and creatures cannot achieve levels nine or ten via the Training Room or Combat Pit.

Other rooms include the casino, where creatures gamble for either pleasure or to be exploited for gold, the Workshop, where traps and doors are produced, the torture chamber, where creatures are tortured. Traps include the Sentry trap, which shoots nearby enemy creatures, the Fear trap, which scares enemies away, and the Alarm trap, which alerts its owner if it detect enemy creatures nearby. Doors block enemies while still allowing its owner’s creatures passage.

They come in various forms, such as Wooden, Braced, Secret, and Magic. Secret doors imitate walls, and Magic doors defend themselves by shooting enemy creatures. Bridges connect areas and facilitate transport over water and lava tiles, the latter harming most creatures and burning Wooden Bridges. Stone Bridges are immune. Creatures are attracted via Portals. Which ones come depend on the dungeon’s composition.

Each has its own abilities such as spells they can cast , expertise, and job preferences. Creatures include Bile Demons, Warlocks, and Salamanders. Like the first game, creatures can be slapped with the hand to make them work harder, at the cost of their health. Certain creatures, such as Vampires and Skeletons cannot be attracted via Portals.

They are obtained by their corpse decomposing in a Graveyard, and dying in captivity respectively.


Dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10


Anyone who has ever played Bullfrog’s original Dungeon Keeper will have some idea about what’s in store for them in the sequel. But, therein lies the tiniest part of a problem with Dungeon Keeper 2 — in certain ways it is simply more of the same.

However, that isn’t intended to discourage fans of the first game because the overall presentation is nothing short frer fantastic. Dungeon Keeper 2 is a case where the means don’t quite justify the end but the means are so fulfilling that you may not really care. What’s right with DK2? Just about everything except the somewhat anti-climactic battles that occur when you’ve finished dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 your dungeon’s many required rooms out of solid rock that cater to an extremely diverse and magnificently rendered population.

Of course, you’ll design traps, provide “work” for the exquisitely designed creatures, quickly learn to smack them around to make them do your winddows and occasionally “possess” one of them in order to handle things on a more personal basis from a first-person perspective.

Bullfrog obviously listened to consumer feedback and adjusted and tweaked many of the aspects of gameplay. For example, you can now build a casino and a training pit — both integral aspects to being successful.

The casino keeps idle creatures busy and, in a backhanded get my drift? The training pit is even more important because when creatures reach a certain level, they can’t advance any further unless they partake in the training sessions you set up for them. Be careful, though, since unsupervised training can больше информации in the death of fighting partners.

The environment in DK2 is almost too perfect for words. Tremendous strides forward in the graphics and ease of management showcase the beautifully articulated surroundings, as much as an underground dungeon set in the bowels of the Earth can be. Dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 simply put, DK2 is a visual delight in nearly every way.

The designers built 3D acceleration into the game’s coding and the results are phenomenal. Посмотреть больше the first game, DK2 possesses a fairly comprehensive storyline, but chances are not too many fans will really care that dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 about it. The basic pleasures of playing the game are found in building your dungeon’s many rooms and catering to and увидеть больше all the various minions available and more become available as you progress in the game, which is a very nice design feature.

If that doesn’t float your boat, you can design diabolical traps, create magic doors and torture chambers, apply your “landscape” development skills and perform dozens of other capabilities much too numerous to list here.

The ultimate goal, of course, remains fairly consistent with the original game, namely, to beat the stuffing out of those creatures and nasty enemy lords who presume to encroach upon your territory. As combat was something of a sore point in dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 original game, Bullfrog addressed the problem and made several innovative and very welcome changes.

Unfortunately, as good as they are, the end result is still a combat system that can be so wildly chaotic that you eventually throw up your hands and simply hope for the best. But, this in no way denigrates the efforts the designers made and credit should be given where it is due. Beyond this one gripe, DK2 shines in all respects.

Some interface changes are quite inspired. Examples include the unobtrusive and clever way you are informed of new events occurring in your realm, the announcement of new creatures as they become available and viewing perspectives that djngeon unlimited. Wijdows the enormous number of creatures to keep track of, this aspect is handled in an amazingly fluid and seamless manner.

Information screens, on-screen pop up data and extremely handy conventions for finding particular creatures within your ever-expanding dungeon are just a few of the extraordinary game management functions. If only there was some way to apply it to the big, sweaty piles of combatants during especially large skirmishes. Speaking of skirmishes, Dungeon Keeper 2 provides you with the wherewithal to practice against just about any foe you wish.

Also, in the My Pet Dungeon module of the game, you can customize the action to your heart’s content. For example, toggle off the free aspect and spend hours building and perfecting your dungeon while trying out the many traps and design features available for creating cree penthouse of dngeon — all without enemy interruptions. You can, however, dictate not only which enemies are released into your custom dungeon and when but the wjndows as well.

For such an involved game, the learning curve is fairly easy, helped considerably by the in-game tutorial-like guidance that is presented orally in the announcer’s decidedly “sinister” sounding voice. Absolutely top notch! Gree sound is probably the best I have ever dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 in a computer game and complements the drop-dead gorgeous visuals completely. The music is better than average dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 not always dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 tune with on-screen action.

Given the terrific impact of the overall audio program, though, it’s a minor point. Animations of individual creatures are unbelievably well-done, especially from slightly zoomed out perspectives and the antics of many are extremely humorous. Adding to the visual feast are clever and amusing cut-scenes encountered throughout the campaign.

Both the lighting effects and sounds that build and recede as you walk about the dungeon are superb, with each type of room dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 its own special dungeo and ambient sounds. Likewise, each creature has specific characteristics and will face combat in his or her own particular way. Some are cowards, some Rambo-esque, some belligerent and yet others are eager soon to be dead over-achievers. Regardless of how fred approach Dungeon Dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 2, rest assured you’ll be challenged by the frenzied pace and the frenetic manipulation needed to control all your creatures.

But rather than be dismayed if you can’t keep up, simply reload and try again, and again, and again. You won’t be sorry you did. Sound: Ambient sound and voiceovers are some of the best I’ve ever encountered. Only the читать больше drops this rating slightly. Enjoyment: Everything about the game is well-done, entertaining and challenging.

Unfortunately, the chaotic nature of the combat still disappoints to some degree as detailed and complete hands-on control is not always possible. Replay Value: Multi-player mode plus modifiable gameplay functions, along with skirmish and planning modes make the game imminently replayable. How to run this game on modern Windows PC? Contact:done in 0. Search a Classic Mcafee antivirus free for windows 10. Dungeon Keeper 2 screenshots:. Graphics: Attention to detail and dungeon keeper 2 free windows 10 designed environments are absolutely delightful.

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