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Google has today launched its Chrome web browser in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, allowing users to head to the Windows 10 app store and download Google’s ever-popular Chrome browser It’s true that you can now download Chrome via the Microsoft Store, but not directly as the app Google has submitted isn’t actually a browser.

It appears Google has submitted a “Google Chrome Installer” opens in new tab to the Microsoft Store, which means what you’re downloading from the Store is an installer that’ll then proceed to download Google Chrome normally.

This means the Chrome browser itself isn’t a Microsoft Store app; it hasn’t used the desktop bridge, it isn’t a Centennial app, and will not be updated via the Microsoft Google chrome microsoft windows 10 either. Why has Google done this?

Likely to bypass Microsoft’s limitations that conclude any browser on the Microsoft Store must use Microsoft’s own rendering engine. Google Chrome doesn’t use Microsoft’s rendering engine, obviously, and /12617.txt such isn’t actually allowed on the Store.

That, or Google was feeling particularly lazy and didn’t want to go through the effort of running Chrome through the Centennial bridge. It’ll download, but when the Installer tries to install Узнать больше здесь itself, the process will fail as the Chrome browser isn’t coming from the Microsoft Store. So this begs the question; why is this in the Store if it isn’t for Windows 10 S users?

It’s likely in there because a few people might be looking for Google Chrome in the Microsoft Store, and up until now have been met with nothing but spam apps that somehow bypass Microsoft’s approval system. Google putting an Installer in there gives Google an official home in the Microsoft Store for the few people who are looking in there for apps.

This is only a good thing. Of course, it would be better if Google had just put the actual Chrome browser in the Store, but either Microsoft or Google aren’t allowing this to happen. Fact of the matter is; if Microsoft wants people to use the Store, it might be a good idea to have the proper Chrome browser available in there.

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Zac Bowden opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in new tab. More about windows приведу ссылку Windows 10 version 22H2 announced, and its first build is available fo Marvel’s Midnight Suns delayed again, current-generation versions comi Topics Microsoft Store.

See all comments It is, in some way. What it really means is that people no longer have to use Edge to download Chrome. Edge use just plummeted. I admit that, as an Edge user. I love the downvotes as much as I love using Google chrome microsoft windows 10. I just think it’s hilarious or sad that people can’t admit the truth. The truth is that there are more users who use Edge only to download Chrome, than there are using Edge every day like myself.

I can admit the truth. Why can’t you? As fake as Google. Google chrome microsoft windows 10 store rating though. Should be a minus rating Imo as it most likely won’t work on Windows 10 S devices lol. Spend hours to install Google spyware? No thanks. Are you still google chrome microsoft windows 10 a baud modem? In reference смотрите подробнее the original comment about Windows 10 S users switching to Pro for a slow, crappy browser.

Opera instead because it has built in ad blocker. Yeah google chrome microsoft windows 10 I kind of wished Opera would bring it’s newer versions similar to that of Android. Smh wth Google Things like this just keep fermenting my belief that google doesn’t care about its users just about farming their data. Google does not care привожу ссылку helping Microsoft.

Why should they? What should Google chrome microsoft windows 10 be doing instead? Microsoft is the one that’s limiting things here.

Partnering with MS to build the best experience for their shared users. That’ll never happen though. That’s always been the case with Google. Lucky for Google, their customers don’t windows graphics 10 hd driver for intel anything.

Google users know how to get Chrome, they don’t need an App Store to guide them. And if you think Microsoft doesn’t collect as much data as Google – specially on Windows 10 – google chrome microsoft windows 10 you’re either deluded or in for a very rude awakening. Oh I know exactly what MS collects especially on Windows 10 anyone that has configured OMS and Windows Defender ATP knows that even still they strip out all user relevant data before utilizing it for metrics so im not naive about that.

I’m saying as a corporate entity i believe MS cares more about their users than just what they can use their data for. Yes MS collects data but for use to fix their products and provide a better a user experience like a lot of software companies do. They don’t just collect data to sell for profit to other companies like Google does. That browser, rendering-engine rule still exists? Yes, same with ios and android to a certain extent.

Not on Android. Bleached, step aside your bubble :. And then getting people to download the APK file and run it with “allow unknown sources”??? You people realize that this is against Windows 10S? I really don’t get why MS is inpixio windows 10 allowing this. This is ridiculous. They let Google harm their own Store. No, actually it backfires google chrome microsoft windows 10 Google. Google pushed the installer to the store so yeah Microsoft is using Chromes engine on android.

This qualifies as malware. Chrome is malware in my opinion, every single desktop pc and laptop I have scanned that solely run chrome Are filled to the brim with adware, viruses, trojans and worse case scenarios rootkits and worms. Pesky little digital blighters. Your comment qualifies as stupidity. I think Google’s a little on the back foot here.

Trying to catch up with Microsoft’s Dominance, because normal end users know to download from google chrome from its website. Store search is rare by the normal google chrome microsoft windows 10.

May be statistics are not in favour of chrome. Nevertheless chrome browser is overrated! Firefox does a better job using less resources and edge is probably the finest choice for a normal user. Way behind Chrome, distant 3rd and 4th place on desktop, way distant 10th place on mobile. If Google wanted to use the edge engine for Chrome, they could have but they won’t as it will enable more extensions for Microsoft Edge.

So it’s Google once again, trying to be a spastic. As they went full retard with Microsoft’s YouTube app thus rendering a awesome app into a webwrapper. Heck they even invalidated Microsoft developer key for Microsoft’s YouTube app. Think google chrome microsoft windows 10 that Google preventing users to use their services through a third party app with nonsensical rules that they never levied on other developers.

And, you узнать больше for Google to succeed? /11473.txt is better. Why do people use Chrome, really. In my case, dumb ss services like Directv Now only works on chrome. It’s the only reason chrome is installed on my desktop. My preference is Edge then Firefox. I don’t understand how can a company limit itself in writing for a platform instead for the whole web.

HTML 5 is pretty advanced and most web browsers have compatibility with it. Just implement a software restriction ploicy that blocks execution of anythng of Google origin for your own больше информации. App locker to the rescue!!!




Now in it is also possible to combine tabs in both edge and chrome. And isn’t edge based on chromium or isn’t that the same as chrome, probably not exactly the same. But it would probably be not the best for windows, since windows works with it own windows different from other OS’s.

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Google chrome microsoft windows 10.Google Chrome finally arrives in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 … sort of [Updated]

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